Leaving you completely bewildered. Lucas follows her and finds out that his little blonde is called Sophia, his princess.

And she works as a dermatologist inside the mall. Surprising Sophie by saying straight away and in all the letters that he fell in love with her from her office window.

From then on they set up a first date for later is what started in a simple cafe that revolutionized their life. For Sophia was also attracted to him, it looked like one of his good guys from the books she read. Well, she reads and values ‚Äč‚Äčnational literature as well as we do.

She had gained tremendous life from the beauty and sexy apiolus that emanated from that man. If they were in the same line of love! To learn more details, just embark on another story told by our Diva Lara Smithe who with her gifts and talents always surprises us with each new story. Reviewed in Brazil on April 30, When the story starts, it ends It could have a little suspense or drama, to be more complete.

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You were one of the best people I met and much of what I am today I owe you. Count on me always, I’ll always be around! Contact us. Love -. Love Love Letters. Love letters. How to forget a love? Love message.

Most accessed Love Love phrases How to win a love? Yeah, you’ve been right all along. The cause of all the chaos in relationships is that sometimes we praise someone so much, we put them on pedestals, that we forget that the protagonist of our plots is ourselves. I’ll make it easy for you ok. Say everything I have to say, without an ounce of fear.

Are you sure about that? We have reached the end. This is also very difficult for me. Believe me, it will be better for both of us.

I never stopped loving you and maybe never will. More is the end. Or better. It’s the beginning. The beginning of the rest of our lives. I’m going to pack up and go back to my parents’ house. I know it’s weird for a thirty-year-old guy to come home to his parents alone. More just than badly accompanied. I know that I’m an idiot.

I know it makes you like me even more. It will be better this way. Because it’s over? This is a difficult question. You are beautiful! We both made mistakes, I think that was it. We kept getting away from each other, until the moment when we became two strangers living in the same house. I know, we were very happy here. Remember that time I gave you a birthday surprise?

You arrived tired from work, dying to rest and I had scattered rose petals in every corner of the house dreaming of a romantic night and you dreaming of a little peace to dream.

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